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March 2016

Orient Fest in Bologna: a full immersion in the asian culture

Hi Kiwis!

A little hint for understand the topic of this post? “Orient” is the word.
This time i will show you many lands far miles away from Europe, staying in front of your computer; after some intensive weeks where i had thousand things to do and fix, i finally find the time for write this post and tell you of some great moments we spended there.

Yes dear traveller friends, i am talking of the Orient Fest; a really huge festival about all what concern the oriental culture, people and countries. Many of these fests are celebrate in Italy, and as sadly i couldn’t go in the one they did in Padova, so i just profited of the presence of my boyfriend for go together with him some months after in the Bologna Orient Fest.
Unuseless to say that was amazing, great, wonderful, awesome, magnific, fantastic and what else good you could use for describe it, for who like the oriental culture this is an occasion for have a small piece of paradies a couple thousand kilometers more near.

Are you ready? Come and discover with me this colorful oriental world! 🙂


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Travel with me: Hamburg, through nature & city

Hi Kiwis,
back from my two weeks break on the website i am here again for tell you what’s about one of the travel i did in the last weeks, because also if i was offline i was working on this post since when i have left Italy for fly to Germany.  As many of my Instagram followers already know, i have been few days in Hamburg for the Heathen Rock Festival with my boyfriend and there i had the pleasure to met many nice and kind persons and try the german Mead (with my big stunnment the german “Met” is totally different from the italian “Idromele”, their is pretty liquid and not so strong in alcohol degrees!). The concert have been really great, i was really pleased to finally can see some great bands as Rabenwolf and Wolfchant as i had never see them before, therefore all was in a good and pretty big location, very comfortable with so many sits and tables for drink or simply take a break for relax the feet; all was really good organized and all was disposed in different areas for permit to distribute in larger places the peoples was there inside.

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