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April 2016

Franche Comté: a land of mountains and tasty food

Hi Kiwis,

after a little break due of my short travel in Germany for the Ragnarök Festival, i finally find the time for tell you about a multiple-times travel i did in Franche Comté, France.

Franche Comté is a wide region in the total East side of France, which borders with the french Switzerland side. Mostly part of the territory is made of mountains (Vosges for specify), forests and nature like the near country. At the same time this wonderful land don’t host just nature, but also some big car industries like Renault and Citroen, that made of it the biggest car production region in France. Many rivers flow in Franche Comté, four of which i had pleasure to see: the Saone, the Doubs, the Hérisson and Ail.

But let’s start to see now what this magic region give us! 🙂

Besançon is the capital city of Franche Comté and count around 115.000 people. Is a town with a big cultural and historic heritage, not for nothing have been in 2008 a heritage of UNESCO.  A pretty nice city, well known for the astronomical clock and even more known for be hometown of the famous french writer Victor Hugo, author of the romances “Notre Dame de Paris” and “Les Misérables”. Continue Reading