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July 2016

Unplanned trip to Rotterdam – tulip adventure –

Welcome back Kiwis!

After a big break i am finally active on our website again, there are many news and in these months i  have collect enough material for write posts weekly until the next year. But before talk you of all the adventures happened in this break time i will make you a special news post, with a short resume of what’s happen and what is change in that time period.

But i don’t want go out of topic now, so let’s finally talk about what you want to read for… Rotterdam!

Since more than one year i annoy and annoyed my boyfriend because i wished to see tulip fields in the near Netherlands. This is something i wished to do my whole life long, one of the things that once you see it stays print in your eyes and in your heart forever.
But how all the people imagine this wonderful land?
I can guess that mostly part of you imagine Netherlands like a country where colors dominate the earth, where once you enter you see tulip fields, windmills and water torrents everywhere, an intensive parfum of flowers and  the fresh breeze that flow free through your hairs.
Well… the only thing right on all what i expected to see is the  water torrents and the constant wind. Continue Reading