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August 2016

Welcome to my new World + Home haul

Hi Kiwis,

as promised i wanted to do a special post about my new home, all the news and all the things that are happened/changed in these last months, main reason why the website have got a spring/summer break. I’ve thought so is better write you a – let’s hope short – resume of it.
I want to do a premise, you don’t have to worry, all the new things happened will not change in any part the website, at the opposite, the contents and the photos will be much better than before! 🙂

As you probably have already notice it, many of my posts are located in Germany to my boyfriend home town, after one year of a 1300 km long distance relationship, we just thought to have reach the right time for cut this distance and live together. But as “common” isn’t a word part of my dictionary and of my life, also the moving together couldn’t be a common and easy one.
All normal couples search a good fix job in the place where they must move and then slowly start to move out all the things from one house to the other and buy step by step all the things they needs.
I came here in Germany at the 28th April for take part at DarkTroll Festival with Tobi and other friends, in these days i received a call; i had finally got the job in an italian restaurant. This man pleased me to bring him all the papers and things i needed to have for work (a kind of visa too), i just ran for one week and once i had all, he just changed the agreed plans in something i couldn’t permit me to accept anymore, crazy working times that couldn’t permit me to have a normal life… so i was totally fucked, stucked in Germany without a job.

Meanwhile we was searching for a home where to live (we lived with his dad in that time), but as i had to bring here the Lilli – my cat – i absolutely needed a flat with garden and in a pretty quiet place. I searched for a place next to the nature where she could feel free; but here is impossible find one to rent, the only chance was to buy an house, and for that we still wasn’t ready. After weeks of researches the luck had knock finally at our door; we had found a super modern and new flat, not far away from the center but also not too much inside, with a great huge garden and in a family homes area where no cars can drive, just a dream!!! One week after we was in this home signing the contract for finally start to live in it; just that at the last moment we discover that the owner won’t cats in it; my heart was just breaking in thousand pieces. After that i just wanted home because nothing really worked as we wished for and i couldn’t imagine my life without my cat, i was ready to do everything but not to give up my cat and let it to my mother in Italy. I still believe in the YingYang and i like to see the bad in the good and the good in the bad times, i just can say me lucky to have such a great boyfriend that in all what was happen have done the possible and the impossible to stay at my side and also if we signed the contract he just did his best for try to make me happy. Our life was going further anyway and one month was already passed and i had found a new job to Subway so the things started to stablize step by step. One day i received a call from Tobi that i will never forget in life, he said me to have talked with the owner of the house about my sadness and that i wanted to return home due of my cat missing, and with compromises he gave us the chance to bring here our cat, you can’t imagine how my heart beated fast and loud, it was like the best gift i ever have got in life!


Let’s start the Home Haul!

Slowly i started to dedicate my time to the decoration of our home; based on the colors of the floor and the kitchen i thought a touch of bright intensive turquoise blue mixed with silver would give a fresh breeze and break the boring matte colors.

Turquoise vase – Oosterik (Netherland) – 8€
Silk flowers  – Nanu Nana – 10€
 Brown candles – Oosterik – 4-5€ i guess
Purple/Pink candles – Ikea – 2€
Table runner – Action – 2€
Scratching World map – Aliexpress – 5€



IMG_6004♥ Candle Glasses – Hema (Netherland) – 3€


What’s about creativity?

After have spend so much money for buy all the furnitures, we had thought to a cheap (but not so uncommon) idea for the livingroom table and bathroom organizer, so we just bought 6 old crates from amazon and following some internet tutorials.
I must avoid that the crates we had bought was pretty raw and dirty, we worked around one week for be able to have the finish product, but at the end was more than worthy! 🙂
Obviously i couldn’t not personalize the crates with my creative touch, once the furniture was finish we fixed in the middle a piece of square and then i bought to Oosterik a set for candles that had the perfect size and shape of the empty square.
It looks so lovely, modern and is very useful, we putted in it some cooking books and language learning books and why not, also a place where put my bag instead to throw it on the sofa as i usually do! 😀


One of the main and most exciting news i have to tell you and that is the only one that will change our blog in something better, with better photo quality and contents iiiiiis:
Yes, dear kiwis, my boyfriend and i have bought a new camera lens, specifically a 75-300 – 4,5/5,6 clearly Canon, from a family friend for a super great and kind price.
We already tested it in two Zoos (where else?!?!) and the result is more than stunning, is more difficult to use due of the stabilizer missing but with a little bit of practice it will for sure become more easy.  I just was speechless after 3-4 hours in the zoo cause this objective is really heavy, for some photos that had to be shot from down to up i saw at the end my arms a little improved. I just need to get the habit, the difference from a 18-55 to a 75-300 is really to feel from one hand to the other. At the end this maybe 400 gr. more makes that worthy when you see the final result on excellent photos and the freedom to can shot as far as you need/wish for.

And for complete the news serie let’s talk again about creativity
Through the packages i self-shipped me from Italy, is clear that one of them was the creative one with all the materials and tools i always use. Unfortunately the space i have here is not at all big so i can’t for the moment show you my creative area as many things must be rearrange and fix in a good permanent way! Of four packages shipped, two was arrive directly after two days the courier was come to pick it up from my italian home, the one with kitchen stuff is arrive 2-3 days after we was return to Germany and all inside was destroy, also the jar which the tea i had bought at the Orient Festival in Bologna was inside was in thousand little pieces, it was tea everywhere in the package. What mostly sad was, my watermelon bowls break too in thousand pieces; at that moment i just fell on the floor crying desperately but even more i was afraid about my 20 kg creativity package that still was not arrive. You can’t imagine the feeling that i had on my skin, over 300€ material value lost anywhere between Italy and Germany, for any unknown reason not trackable despite the high shipping cost i paid for it. After two weeks i still didn’t receive my last package, so i just took my phone and call the italian and the german couriers and annoy them until they finally gave me the right informations. My package was not shipped by the previewed german courier company but from a private one and that it was located at 25 km far from home. I called this enterprise and they said me that they had no idea if ship my package or not because they thought that all inside is broke and that there’s nothing anymore to keep…
Ok in that moment my world had just stop to move for a second. After i founded the force for react, i took the car and fly there like a sputnik, once reach the place they gave me the package and i waited until home for open it for fear that if was something break my reaction could be to punch them all in the face. Arrive home i opened it and with astonishment i saw that all was intact, nothing was destroy, even not the oil bottle i bought for my boss. The only sad thing is that all the beads and rings was all over the package and i had  so to divide it all with calm. For this i must scream a big enormous THANKS to my boyfriend that helped me to divide and rearrange all the stuff, without him probably i would be still here to divide the rings and the beads per color and dimension! 😀


Now after one month and half from this moving, i can avoid that each time i take something out of my creative area, i find pieces of gold and silver leaves fly everywhere and glue on the most impossible places ever. I  still laugh remembering me that if in a future day i will need to move out again, i will make sure to close all the beads and gold/silver leaves in the right way!!! 😀

Good, lesson learned.

I wish you all a nice kiwi day! 🙂