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March 2019

Cat Deau, the dream place for cat lovers

Hello Kiwis,

after one year of complications on everything in my life, i am here back again to tell you new stories. But first of all a small update of what is happen in these last 12 months.
After the Valencia post, my ex and I we realized that we were not right for each other, this relationship was no more healthy for both. So we separate everyday more. I started to search a new flat and we lived in the same apartment for about half a year. People that lived such experience can understand that’s not at all simple. This takes a lot of crafts, therefore if there’s nothing anymore in common. Everything was a reason more to be against each other. After six months, he found a new apartment and moved out, so I “moved in” with the new furnitures.

That was it? Not at all! At the same time my colleague fired up, so was no one in the company to manage the client beside me. This mean I had 3 times more work than usually and no time for me and my friends. I had no time for try to make the point of the situation as well. In between cupido knocked at the door unexpectedly. How? While having a company party. Drunk. Yes, a colleague of mine I never saw before in my company just stalked me with his eyes for about 18 hours long, and that was it! In this way is start a new adventure with a new mate. Despite he is so different to me, fits me perfectly.

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