Hi Kiwis, here in this page you can discover something more about me!


I’m Angelica Fioravanti, an italian with argentinian and austrian roots. A Creative designer born the 30th September 1991 in Mantova/Ferrara; a tireless traveller and artist.

Since i was a kid i always had a pair of scissors, pencils and colors in my hands, i always wanted to create something, i loved all about creativity. When i goes out i loved to be in the nature, therefore when me and my family goes in vacation in South Tyrol mountains doing long healthy walks in the forest.
On these waves i continued to grow up and increase my knowledges about these hobbys and when i was 13 i choosed to study for become Graphic Designer. While my studies i opened in the year 2007 the project BlackHeresy Artwork, earlier born as graphic design works for metal bands (another big love of my life!) and later in 2011 turn on pretty good qualified Digital Art creations, with a style influenced style by and all about my dreams.

Following my way i traveled all over Italy for follow the concerts of my favorite bands, i started to met many people and work pretty good with my project. So in this way sometimes i had also the opportunity to travel in France, it don’t needed that longtime that this wonderful land had put me in a trap. When i returned home i always missed it, so i spended 2 years of my life mostly in France than in my country, travelling from South to North East.
In 2012 due of a low graphic design job request in my little department, i started to work as Freelance at home as Illuminatiion Design, having great commissions all over the world (Australia, New York, Turkey, Sweden) but it seems that a pine needle had flew around me and the destiny had choose to bring me this time in the cold but wonderful Austria. There i spended two years in the mountains, precisely in the green heart of this country called “Steiermark” (Styria for the common people), working as skilift machinist at 2000 mt high, for one of the most famous SkiArea of the region. In the cold solitary evenings i started to work with Polymer Clay and other materials, creating original jewels and accessories for my LylaDreams Creations shop, so with the time i created my first creative and travel blog.

And now?

At the present time i still like travel and discover new places, i travel through Germany actually cause the love have knock at my door and still create with my hands many different things. Like every girl i love shopping (therefore the creative one), i like to cook tasty delicious things and make wonderful walks in nature shooting photos with my 60D and cuddling my cats.


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