Burgers’ Zoo, an unforgettable paradise on earth

Hi Kiwis,

finally come out now another post about Zoo Adventures. This time I wanna bring you with me to a special place called Arnhem, Holland.

In this wonderful town I already was several times but I don’t really have pictures to show you about it as I never took my camera with me in that days. Arnhem is an eastern city of Holland, just 150 km around far away from where we actually live, a good reachable place by car.

If you are asking yourself the answer to your question is for sure YES. We visited nearly every zoo in the near of 200 km, isn’t that crazy??? By the way, as I already told in the “Welcome to my new world” post, we bought a new 75-300mm camera lens. So which better place if not the Burgers’ zoo for test and practice with it?! That practice trial is also the main reason why in this post I will show you less photos than usual. 😀 I avoid it, I had some serious troubles at the beginning to hold that heavy lens on, therefore for bird photography it was hard. At the end of our visit I felted my arms like if I lifted weights for an hour!

Visiting Burgers’ Zoo, Arnhem

As this post is the resume of a catastrophic photography trial, I wanna let you judge by yourself the result and give more space to the photos than to words.

So let’s start with it!

Burgers' Zoo
Maybe that Tiger photo is the proof of all my shooting efforts during that hours in Arnhem. Probably not the best shot I have ever done, but enough good for being satisfied of the first results. No doubts about the fact that if it wasn’t the glass effect in front this picture would be thousand times better and colorful.


One of the things that made me return a child in a couple of seconds have been staring that two elephants enjoying their meal, they looked so happy about it, like a kid when is opening a gift. I rarely saw elephants eating, I guess the first and last time I just was 5 years old, but look them in this way with my adult eyes was another story. Is useless to say that the Burgers’ zoo had conquer my heart after few minutes I was there.


That’s probably the perfect photo for do a comparison with the elephants. When I see this Meerkat I still remind me how much angry I was become for get one of them in focus as I wished for. They move always and very fast, that seriously improved my capabilities and my patience.


Who follow me on Instagram or my blog, know very well how much I love reptiles and amphibians. So, you can imagine how my eyes shined when I saw this amazing 2 mt long Monitor Lizard, diving in the water and its gentle movements for return up. Isn’t that face sweet and lovely?!?!


Burgers’ Zoo have been probably one of the places where I have enjoy the most to experiment photography. Till now I tried to use that lens just on far away subjects and it worked really good. But what happens if I try to use it as a macro? Well, this tiny mushrooms shot is the result of another worthy trial. Aaaaah, think about it, is really true that the best fairy tales are the ones with a happy ending! 🙂


Something that I have extremely loved of the Burgers’ Zoo is the variety of natural habitude they have create. Is not to underestimate that. Many zoos they simply put in the same area animals that have nothing to do next to each other, without really taking care of the real physical needing of their little (or big) guests. This zoo merit a real huge “Z” for the good work they did. One of these areas that have simply let me speachless have been doubtless the Tropical Rainforest “Bush”. This is so well build that you could nearly believe was all true, catapulted in the tropics in a couple of seconds and overwhelmed by the (nearly intolerable) heat and humidity.


Another macro trial. This photo express in it all the delicacy it could exist in this world.

P.S. I haven’t kill the flower, I just hold it shortly for get a photo in focus!


Another thing of the Burgers’ Zoo that have let me speechless was the luxury of that bathroom. When you go to bathroom in public places you expect something totally different from that. Such kind of bathroom even not some 4 stars hotels have it!


As probably you already recognized, in this zoo the care of details and the refinement is transmitted not just by the animals but also by the seldom plants and flowers they choose for it. In that afternoon I had the chance to admire also some plants I had never saw with my real eyes my whole life long.
Here following some photos…


Bananas. Everyone of us have seen banana palms once in life. I am from Italy and I avoid that is possible there to get some banana fruits, but it will never grow up enough for become yellow as a minion and eatable. What’s stunning of that picture is that rarely you will get the chance to see a banana palm get fruits in a glass tropical house. Well, that was it seems my lucky day!


“We will make Burgers’ Zoo greater again!”. I should seriously start to take in consideration a career as creative copywriter in facts…
If they would need a sentence that advertise them I guess this could be perfect. Like americans it seems they like do things always better and bigger than all the other Zoos. Before the bananas and now? An unbelievable tall Cacao Tree (or cocoa for the american followers). BAAAMMMM and in one second they have blown away the competition.


Probably all great comments I said about the Tropical glass house in Arnhem I can resume it with these photos (and without add other words).


So with this last macro picture, that describe perfectly how nature is able to play with creativity and create masterpieces, I close this post about Burgers’ Zoo, that gifted us great stunning and unforgettable moments.

Burgers’ Zoo have been able to create such an amazing place, for their animals but also for their human guests. That for a while permit you to detach your feet and eyes from the bad reality and dive in an amazing world that seems nearly surreal so perfect it is.


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