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An autumn-break travel to Spain, tips and tricks

Hi Kiwis,

just today we are come back from our first real vacation since i live in Germany. It have been a hard step to reach but at the end we have got it and we have enjoy it as much as possible. Finally a new country visited, a new land to scratch on our world map, new culture, language and food discovered. A new puzzle piece that is now part of our life experience and memories.

I have a premise to do. This travel lasts just one week but we lived it so intensively, we have done so much things that i can’t find a solution for describe all that in one single post! If you are a Kiwi reader you know i write a lot, i have always love it, this time i took over 1000 photos just with the camera, it wouldn’t be possible!

So let’s hurry up and start with it! ūüôā

Our travel was principally divide in three steps: Girona, Barcelona and Valencia. Three towns on the east coast that distinguish themself quite a lot. Traveling from north to south you could step by step aperceive the differences and the cultural changes. Continue Reading

Sud Tirol, here you will fall in love!

Hi Kiwis,

I avoid it, i missed it to tell you my adventures but even more i¬†couldn’t wait anymore to tell you about my trip to S√ľd Tirol.

As you probably already peeked the topic, we are talking again about mountains (what else?!). Where i bring you today is a¬†special place for me, the¬†place where i nearly was grown up.¬†I visited it so many times per year when i was younger, my family loved it. Such places are soul¬†warming for me when i return.¬†For make a comparison is like drinking a warm Gl√ľhwein in the middle of a snowy forest.

S√ľd Tirol, is difficult (impossible i would say) to find words enough good for describe it.¬†Here we are, in Italy, in the middle of Dolomites,¬†in one of the parts of it i judge as the most wonderful.¬†Here the time it seems never pass, even not 20 year later! Continue Reading

Kiwi-Apple marmalade Recipe

Hi Kiwis,

April¬†is a month here in Germany of unstoppable¬†rain, is the month where normally spring start, the time of new changes and beginnings. So it have been for me this month, it have¬†bring a fresh breeze in my life and the one of Creative Kiwi. Well, after a long time of instability, of doubts about everything, of unwished changes, acceppted compromises, it was finally arrive the time to see the light at the end of this long tunnel. In few words, i have find a new Job, a full-time job that permit me to use my capabilities and make me feel a complete person. A full-time job as known bring always positive and negative things in the life.¬†One of these negative is clearly that the time for dedicate me to Creative Kiwi is drastically¬†decreased. Manage so many things,¬†divide my life between work, Kiwi, digital art, jewelry and home is a real chaos.¬†Anyway with a little bit of time i will take the right rythm for manage all that perfectly. Don’t worry, the Kiwi project will always go further! ūüôā

But let’s come to the point, is really really longtime i don’t write anything about food & cooking. So i profite of that weekend for write this post and share with you a recipe that i tried some years ago in Austria. This recipe¬†made me fall totally in love. Perfect for breakfast or for a old style afternoon snack, or why not in a delicious italian Crostata to share with friends. Definitely this is the marmalade that will blow your mind!

So what else i could purpose you than a Kiwi-Apple marmalade?! Nothing could fits better to this website!

kiwi apple marmalade

Let’s look together what you need and how to prepair this delicious, healthy and wonderful marmalade!

– 1,5kg kiwi
Р3 Apples
– 1 Lemon juice
Р500gr Sugar
– 1/2 tbsp Cinnamon


How to do the Kiwi-Apple Marmalade

1 – Remove the¬†Apple and the kiwi skin and then cut the apple in little pieces (from 1 to 2 cm maximum). Keep in mind that the kiwi must be mature or the marmalade will result very sour. For understand if the kiwi are¬†mature, just touch it and¬†if it feel a little bit soft – not too much – that’s the right time to use it for this marmalade recipe.

2 РNow put all the fruits in a big pot, add the juice of an entire lemon, half glass of water, half tablespoon of cinnamon and finally the sugar. Mix it all very good and let it inside for a couple hours covered with the top of the pot.

3 РOnce this time is passed start to cook slowly the fruit. Control it from time to time and when the fruit is become soft, break the pieces helping you with a wood spoon. If you want you can use a hand-mixer until you create a well mixed kiwi-apple cream.

4 РPour the kiwi marmalade inside the sterilised jars and wait around 15 minutes before close it. Once close turn the jar upside down and wait that it become totally cold.

kiwi apple marmaladekiwi apple marmalade

Now you just need to enjoy this tasty recipe! Maybe on a piece of bread with a good butter layer and a big spoon of kiwi-apple marmalade spread on it!