DIY: How to create a glamorous Jewelry Holder

Hi Kiwis!
A common situation we all girls have is that we have a lot of bracelets, necklaces, rings and other accessories, and like me you never know exactly where to put it, laying it always on the bedside table we risk that our pets play with it and fall down, break or simply we lose it under any furniture with the other tons of pet toys. With this easy DIY tutorial you can create a wonderful jewelry holder and i promise you that with a low budget (15€ around) and few hours, you will have a pretty nice corner for your accessories!


DIY IMG_0226

What you need for this DIY is:

A decorate dish (not less than 30cm diameter)
– A smaller transparent decorate dish
Transparent vase
Decorative coloured sand, nuggets, stones, wood and what else you like
– Lace
– Acrylic or glass colors
– Super glue
– Varnish
– Brushes
– Glitters or rhinestones
– Transparent film
– Kitchen paper
– Paper tube
– Latex gloves

Do you have all the necessary material? Are you ready to craft? Let’s start together!!! 🙂

How to do it:


DIY Step 1.
Choose as first which kind of decoration you want to have in your vase and once you have this fix in your mind take the different kind of sand/nuggets or what else you want and fullfill the vase following the style and colors you have chosen for it. I prefered to make normal stripes because i liked the contrast between the grey-silver and fluo pink. I also used broken mirror nuggets for give here and there a shiny effect, but you clearly can use all the colors and styles you want. Doesn’t matter if some nuggets are bigger and fall in between the other stripes, is important that you like how it looks and that’s why before do it you must have fix in your mind the exactly design you want or once finish will be difficult to separate all again!

DIY IMG_20150105_194533049


* Trick *
Probably you will need more sand and decorations then previewed, so if you want to save some material and money,  when you have fullfill around the half of your vase, put in the center of it a tube of toilet/kitchen paper and put inside it some normal paper (kitchen paper is also ok!) for make it stronger. In this way you will cover a big space and save a lot of money and material. Don’t worry the paper tube will be not to see when the work will be finish! 

DIY IMG_0212


DIY Step 2.
Once you have finish to fullfill the vase and you are satisfy of the design obtained, put over the border  the transparent film. Cut around it leaving some millimeters more for security, the shape must not be perfect cut but anyway a little bigger than the vase. Take away the film and now put the superglue all over the top borders of our vase. With a lot of care put over it the transparent film and press delicately for be sure that the glue is everywhere. Wait 15-20 min until the glue is totally dry.

DIY IMG_0213


DIY Step 3.
While the glue is drying, take the smaller dish we will use as top of our jewelry holder and put it on the backside. Use some kitchen paper for don’t dirt your working area and paint it with acrylic or glass colors. You will probably need to paint it two or three times, depend how transparent or matt you want the finish result, between a layer and another one you must wait one or two hours until the color totally is dry. Once finish wait minimum 5-6 hours and when the color will be totally dry give a finish layer of varnish, this step is optional if you used glass colors, but if you used acrylic is pretty important do it, for don’t permit the color to fade away with the time.

DIY IMG_0216


DIY Step 4. 
Now that the glue of the vase is dry you can cut away with a lot of care the exceed part of the transparent film.
Glue again the border of the vase and take the bigger dish we will use for the bottom and try to put it in the exactly middle of the vase. This step is not so easy, so if you have some troubles just draw the border of the vase on some kitchen paper, cut the shape and draw it on the bigger dish, this will help you to put it exactly in the center.


DIY Step 5.
When the glue will be totally dry (be sure about it, this is really important!), with extreme care and fastly just turn the dish with the vase from up to down. Pay attention because the vase at this time is pretty heavy so you will need to be fast and careful in this step for have a good result and don’t destroy everything. Pay also attention because more slowly you will do this step more the decorations inside will move!

DIY IMG_0217

DIY Step 6.

Now is time to glue the smaller dish on the top of our jewelry holder.
Meanwhile you wait the glue totally dry, with a tape measure control the dimensions of the smaller dish and then cut the lace of the same lenght. This step will request you a lot of time (around 30-40 minutes) and patience. So little by little glue the lace around the borders of the dish using a pair of latex gloves, the glue will stick directly on your fingers. At this step you can also optionally decorate the dish or the lace with some glitters and rhinestones.

DIY IMG_0229

DIY IMG_0228

Now that your DIY jewelry holder is ready you can put all your accessories on it; i often hang my earrings on the lace and that’s so cute and comfortable have them all in the right order and space that i regret to haven’t done it before!!!
I hope you’ve like this tutorial and if you did your own jewelry holder following it please link here in the comments a photo of it, i am happy to see your results! 🙂



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