Austria, a dream from 2000 mt. up to the Sky

Hi Kiwis!

Is really longtime I wanna write this post but I never took time till now for search in my phone and in my computer the photos I wanted to show you. I can’t hide my happiness for finally write about Austria and tell you part of my life before Creative Kiwi, which was my life until 411 days ago.
This is a different kind of adventure from the one that mostly part (or all) of people who have visit Austria as tourist would tell you. Mainly for the reason that I have never been a tourist but always a citizen of it.

Why your story should be so different from all the other?

Well, I passed my whole time there, my two years and half working for the tourists that visited Austria. Even better, I took time to enter so much in their culture that when I left this breathtaking country, I was no more the same. It have change me inside so deeply that I might consider it like the longest soul travel I have ever got in my life.


Austria is as wonderful as complex land, a place where earth and sky mix together. Is perfect if you love the nature and want to start a travel within yourself, a place that simply looks magic in every season. The nature there offer majestic landscapes, fragrances and soul warming feelings all the year-long.
I would be a liar to don’t avoid that the best moment ever to visit Austria is Winter!

But let’s enter more in the details for define these adventures on the map.


Steiermark, the green heart of Austria.

In the past years I had the big honour to move and live in the green heart of Austria, the region Steiermark, in a little town of 2000 citizens called Murau. A wonderful tiny place that have everything you can wish and need for; even a small castle up to a hill (that I could see everyday from the window of my livingroom).


This little town is mostly part visited by hungarian and germans tourists, which enjoying the cold snowy weather take advantage of the hundreds km of ski slopes for feel the fresh pure austrian Alps breeze. Many of them enjoy also of the winter time taking a break from their usual job, working as Ski/Snowboard instructors for a couple of months like many of my colleagues did. If you’re thinking I did that, you are way off!!!

So tell us what was your role in all that?

In all that mountains, nature and tree, believe it or not, I worked as lift machinist in a Ski Area in the most eastern part of the austrian Alps. Many people around me have ask me how is that possible, I am a woman, women are “make up, clothes & party”. Well, if I should choose between high heels, drinking sex on the beach in any trendy local of the city and wear Meindl Shoes, heavy ski pants and be in the nature everyday, for sure my choice is the second one!
For who asks, yes, is a hard men job, is a job where you have your feet in the snow 85% of the working day, where the sunlight up to 1700 mt shine bright “like a diamond” that you need sunglasses (I was shocked about that, before I thought just in South Europe you could need it, but I was wrong!!!). Is a job where you can also have 8 hours under an unstoppable snow or an impetuous wind that ride sometimes at 65 km/h.
If I regret even one day to have done this job and this austrian life? The answer is NO, not even one second.

Is the best experience I have ever had in my life, I have no doubts about it. I would choose it again and again and again!


During this time I had the chance to know many people from all over the neighbor countries, talk with them, learn some words of hungarian from the ski instructors. I loved see everyday kids learning all together to ski and their happy face when I said them “hey!!! You did it good, you have learned great!!!”.

I can’t describe with words how much I miss my little 3 qm chalet and its wet/drying wood smell. How much I miss the pain to my toes for have been too long in the snow with my feet and switch on the boot heaters system (I thought they was joking about me when they told me it exist something like that!). I don’t wanna hide to miss the overwhelming pinecones perfumes that floated all the time in the air and the sound of the wire moving up on my head.

Unforgettable is the day I had an unexpected encounter with a wild boar while working. Having him behind me, hear its grunts and chewing – don’t know what – it was simply crazy and stunning. An unforgettable picture that will never fade from my mind (as also will not fade away the memory of how fast I ran inside my chalet for don’t be attacked!).


My adventure concludes here, with a party day for all the Ski area Team on the Obertauern Mountains. Some skiing and some others walking and having relax in a chalet eating Blueberry Strüdl and drinking Glühwein. I could have tell you much more stories happened these years in the mountains, in Austria, but write all that down in one single post wouldn’t be possible.
If you are interested to hear more stories about the austrian mountains and ski area, let a comment here below and I will make more post about it! 🙂


I hope you have enjoy my memorial post and my short introduction how is the world “behind the scenes” of the Ski Areas in Austria. By the way, many of you asked me where I had bought this Paisley Jacket and which brand it is. For answer to your questions this is a Burton Jacket, a well-known brand of snowboards, accessories and clothes; and I bought it in Obertauern during one of the last working days on the snow, but you can buy it also online directly on the Blue Tomato shop.

~ Sadly, during these weeks I needed for write this post, my computer in Italy officially died. I wanna spend a couple words talking about the huge luck I have got transferring the pics I needed for it exactly one week before its dead. ~

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