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Hi Kiwis!

Normally I am not the kind of person that make reviews of this or that but in this case I must spend some words about. Thanks to this new planner I am a little bit more able to manage my life a different way and I try more to waste less my time in things that normally I shouldn’t do.

I must thank first of all Tobi if I have got this planner, because is its own gift for my birthday (yes a little bit early but he did it) and probably I must thank also my messy and crazy life or I wouldn’t need one! 😀


We ordered this wonderful planner from Dani Peuss, a really well furnished shop, a wonderful paradise for all planners and scrapbooker. They have pretty original products that you don’t find in every shop and normal prices, the service was excellent and the delivery was very fast. The package was really solid and of the right shape that the planner in it don’t move and break, and all decorate by some gadgets and inspirational book.



In the package it was also this stamp sample made from them for their 10th years they produces it. Personally I haven’t try it, as I have never try anyone of these stamps for planner so I can’t give an opinion about. I have found the inspirational book pretty cool and well done, a nice idea for who wants keep trendy their own planner with some of the products they sell!

But let’s concentrate us now on…

Happy Planner Stay Golden


First of all I would like to spend some words about the size of this planner, let’s say that I am divide at half between positive and negative. The size is each page nearly an A4 format, so is really huge, is a great size that permit you to write down all what you want and is perfect also for who have a big spacious calligraphy, big enough for make decorations on it without that all the space is taken by it. What is negative of this size is just the “non-portability”, personally I have a comfortable handbag size, I can put inside everything I wish for, also my pullover fits inside, but this planner is so big that I guess really to have problem to close it.



I must avoid to love, love, love, love and love these month dividers, different from month to month, are super great done, the colors matching are so gorgeous and with some golden details here and there it gives a “superior” style that makes this planner graphically perfect in everything. I have appreciate a lot that the monthly divider bookmark is plasticized. I am not the kind of person that trait good the things, i am a little bit clumsy so it would need me just one moment for that such great bookmarks break if were not plasticized. Great done!



I find this monthly view super for enter my working times and the hours done, is well done cause it permits me to have really the view of the whole month of work. With the planner I had before I had problems to do all that and manage all the things to do, I couldn’t have it on focus cause of the disposition that the planner had.



This is the planner I had in 2015-2016, I bought it in Austria two years ago. Sincerely I don’t say that this planner is bad, for the price I paid it is really good done, you can enter all what you want, but such a standard division it don’t match totally my needing.



As you can see the planning disposition is horizontal and not vertical, for that you can divide the roles and the little notes area at the right for more detailed things. Differently the Happy Planner is vertical and divide per day parts (morning, afternoon and evening), this permits to divide what you must do in a regular timeline.



I like also this Notes area each two pages for enter what I have in plan to cook during the week, I never have ideas in this last months and when I have some I often forget me. Something else I like of this planner is the top right corner totally white and free of space, I love sometimes to customize the corner of the page by a textured triangle like a wish to turn the week in something new and better than before.

For me till now this is the best planner I have ever got and apart the size my thought about it is more than positive; compare to other planner the price is a little bit cheaper and is more worthy than what expected, a real top planner! 🙂


All wants Printable Stickers

While I was creating some stickers for me I have thought that could be a good idea to share with you the printable PDF file in A4 format. These images were mostly part taken by Freepik, so all the rights are reserved to their designers. These stickers are done especially for the Happy Planner Stay Golden, so the XL size, but you can use it for sure also for other kind of planners.


Mostly of them are simple notes/markers for keep more focus on some particular things we give importance, it respect the size of one day tab in the planner stay golden, maybe for other planners will be a little bit too much big but you can always cut it and customize it as you wish for.

The last part called “Daily Indian Windows” is something special I have create totally by my own, you can use it for stick it on the day number and write it with the colors and calligraphy you wish for. An alternative way for decorate originally your planner without modify the standard wonderful colours that this planner have. The windows are exactly 21, for give you the chance to decorate for three weeks your planner in an oriental style (maybe for the days of Diwali or Holi). 😉



As you can see, I printed it on a normal A4 adhesive paper with a common 50€ printer of HP, this for proof that also at home you can get a good print quality and have your own stickers without spend much money! 🙂

I have spent a whole day creating that making match colors and styles, searching for the right dimensions and the right images for share with you a great printable planner experience.

You can download the PDF for free here below, but before i need from your side a like and share this post on Facebook for support the job I have done and get more chances I create other new free printable. 🙂


Download here


I hope you will like it, let me know what you think about it in the comments and if you have any requests, questions or advises!


I wish you a nice Kiwi Day! 🙂

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  • Reply Marie 13 September 2016 at 17:50

    Thank you for writing the article and sharing your thoughts. I did want to make the suggestion to proofread before posting. There are a lot of sentences that don’t make sense leading me to not want to finish reading it.

  • Reply J. Taylor 14 September 2016 at 18:17

    Thank you. I have this planner as well.

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