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Hi Kiwis!

I am working since months on this Tea collection post and sincerely i am not able to hide my happiness for have finish to write it!
Normally compare to the other posts i always write this should be a more easy and light one, but it took me extremely a lot of time due of  the moving and because i wanted to give the priority to some travel posts.
As i already mentioned it in the “Welcome to my new world + home haul” post, the kitchen package i self shipped me from Italy to Germany was arrive totally destroy and as you can imagine inside it was many of my precious tea jars.
This sad happening made obviously my tea collection grow drastically down, so much down that of that leaves tea jars i have just two sorts left. :'(

So now after this short sad introduction and after a lot cups of tea ago i can start to show you my little not so hidden treasure.

This is one of the tea i mostly love – are the last 2 envelopes left – for the delicate taste and its properties. Al Natura is a bio brand here in Germany that create many different good quality food products. I discovered Al Natura and this Green Sencha tea one year ago when my boyfriend gifted me the tea advent calender. A wonderful experience that have make us company during the skype evenings of our long distance relationship. Sincerely i can’t wait the christmas time for buy the next one – i hope they’ll do a new one! -.



These three different teas comes from Austria, i had bought it to DM – but you can find it also in every other DM store in Europe -, probably is one of the brand that have satisfy me less. Starting from the left, this Harmonie & Balance tea is one of the most disgusting i have ever taste in my life. I guess to have it since two-three years and still i have troubles to finish it. This Mango and Litchi tea is very tasty, maybe the one of these three that have satisfy me the most, is very fruity, maybe too much fruity for my tastes. And the last Rooibos Chai is far away to be a real rooibos tea, it don’t have the overwhelming taste of the real one. Probably in it is just the 20% and all the rest is normal low quality tea. Altough if is not the best, this is the last envelope left as i always used it for make the Masala Chai in real Mumbai Style. If you are interested you can find the Masala Chai recipe here in one of my first blog posts.



Another “Das Gesunde plus” tea but this time comes from Slovenia, a kind of Souvenir my mam bought me in her last vacation in Piran – thinking i couldn’t find a dm anywhere else 😀 -. For this one there is very less to say, is exactly the same of Mango – Litchi, it just change a little bit the fruity taste but the kind of tea quality is the same.



This is the first and the only Twinings i have and that merit to stay on the top 3 for the most disgusting and low quality tea ever. Personally i don’t like twinings and i have never like it, but this tea is an insult to all the tea producers of the world. When people drink tea want to be overwhelmed by a wonderful smell, a unforgettable taste and a warm sensation when you swallow it down. Many drink tea also for help to heal the throat pain; this is not the kind of tea made for people who wants and need all that. At the first swallow it seems to be good but more far you drink, more your throat start to scratch and feel uncomfortable. For sure not the kind of tea i would like to buy again!

For the other one of Natur Aktiv, buy to Hofer in Austria (Aldi in Germany) in a limited Christmas time edition, i must say that’s totally the opposite of the tea i just described up here. This one have an intensive flowery and fruity smell but tasting it is not so sickly as you could expect, in my opinion perfect for mid-autumn evenings.



Here start the collection Teekanne or Pompadour (that at the end is the same brand). I will try to make it short, Teekanne is another one of the big industrial tea brand and as probably you have already aperceive it i am against such big international enterprises that produce in enormous quantity. I am more up to the “no famous brand”, small quantities but excellent quality, so less product but great is what matters. Compare to Twinings,  this brand is three steps more high cause you can really taste that is tea what you are drinking, the flavour are good equilibrated. So at the end is not a bad kind of tea; for resume it in one word it stays in the category “drinkables”. 😀


Apart the Vanilla, the other two are let’s say a special division of the standard Teekanne flavours. I had bought it here in Germany while they was in offer and sincerely i don’t regret it. Everytime i choose to drink a Teekanne i am always unsure of what i really would like to drink cause both have a wonderful fresh taste that have keep me company this whole difficult and rainy summer. I was stunned therefore for the quality of the Sencha tea with Apple and Sambuscus, i had expected me it couldn’t compete with the Al Natura as is a Bio Tee, but this two packages have really make me revalue this brand.



In the months i lived to the father of Tobi i couldn’t deprive myself of a well cup of evening tea. While searching for my tea in the cupboard i found this Anise, cumin and fennel tea and astonish by the incredible smell i tried it. Unuseless to say that my face was even more astonish to discover that the taste was thousand times better than the smell, so is as this that i discovered for the first time the brand Goldmännchen Tee.



Is more easy to say what this amazing tea don’t have in it than what it have, is a mix of great natural dry ingredients that once drown in the hot water let free the best smell ever. This tea have no brand and sincerely i have search it pretty much where could i find more but i still haven’t find the answer to my questions. How i have got it? Was a Christmas gift of the mother of Tobi, a wonderful lovely woman! 🙂 With its black leaves, the almonds, orange zest, cloves, roses and many other ingredients is perfect for winter nights sit on the sofa with your boyfriend cuddling and looking films. Maybe this was her idea as last Christmas Tobi and i were both ill in bed with 40 fever, not exactly the same thing as  we expected but was pretty sweet anyway.



This last one i boughted it in Holland to De Tuinen in Enschede while having a shopping tour to Primark & co. I discovered this shop randomly and i was stunned for the big variety of natural products they have (mostly cosmetics) but also some different kind of teas. This Cranberry tea have been particularly wish by my side because at the Orient fest once bought the Rooibos i regretted to haven’t spend more money and bought this one. Sincerely if i had to buy all the different teas i wanted now i would be something like 1000€ down on my bank conto! 😀 I searched after february this tea everywhere i goes and i never found it till when i reached Enschede. I couldn’t let it there, therefore for a better price then the one saw at the Orient Fest. This tea is made of different kind of herbs, flower petals and cranberries that give them an agreable sweet taste, the quality is really good and you can taste all the different flavours in one cup.



All these tasty tea cups are sometimes sweetened by this muscovado sugar, not traited and not crystalized, with a strong taste of sugar cane.

Unfortunately my tea collection would be more big and made of better kind and qualities, but something says me that an haul is not far away! 🙂

If you have ever taste some of them let me know what you think, if you have advices please write it in the comments below i will be glad to learn something new and try it! <3


Have a nice Kiwi day!

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