Austria, a dream from 2000 mt. up to the Sky

Hi Kiwis!

Is really longtime I wanna write this post but I never took time till now for search in my phone and in my computer the photos I wanted to show you. I can’t hide my happiness for finally write about Austria and tell you part of my life before Creative Kiwi, which was my life until 411 days ago.
This is a different kind of adventure from the one that mostly part (or all) of people who have visit Austria as tourist would tell you. Mainly for the reason that I have never been a tourist but always a citizen of it.

Why your story should be so different from all the other?

Well, I passed my whole time there, my two years and half working for the tourists that visited Austria. Even better, I took time to enter so much in their culture that when I left this breathtaking country, I was no more the same. It have change me inside so deeply that I might consider it like the longest soul travel I have ever got in my life. Continue Reading

Happy Planner review + free Printable Stickers

Hi Kiwis!

Normally I am not the kind of person that make reviews of this or that but in this case I must spend some words about. Thanks to this new planner I am a little bit more able to manage my life a different way and I try more to waste less my time in things that normally I shouldn’t do.

I must thank first of all Tobi if I have got this planner, because is its own gift for my birthday (yes a little bit early but he did it) and probably I must thank also my messy and crazy life or I wouldn’t need one! 😀 Continue Reading

It’s Tea time! – Review, collection & stories –

Hi Kiwis!

I am working since months on this Tea collection post and sincerely i am not able to hide my happiness for have finish to write it!
Normally compare to the other posts i always write this should be a more easy and light one, but it took me extremely a lot of time due of  the moving and because i wanted to give the priority to some travel posts.
As i already mentioned it in the “Welcome to my new world + home haul” post, the kitchen package i self shipped me from Italy to Germany was arrive totally destroy and as you can imagine inside it was many of my precious tea jars.
This sad happening made obviously my tea collection grow drastically down, so much down that of that leaves tea jars i have just two sorts left. :'(

So now after this short sad introduction and after a lot cups of tea ago i can start to show you my little not so hidden treasure. Continue Reading