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Hi Kiwis,

in this post I wanna offer you again a free printable PDF file for who like to do shopping always organized.

I know I promised to post another printable concerning some dividers and stickers, but that took me more time than expected. By the way don’t worry, I am still working on it! 😀

Sadly, it was nearly one year I didn’t creative stuff and this is to see also from the website that “so much creative” actually it isn’t. After so many months I said me that it was come the time for stop my laziness and my tiredness due of my working times and create again something could make us happy. So I did and restarted to use Polymer Clay, to create digital art for bands (I promised to do it again!) and also some small printable files for my dear followers! And these are just few things I did but finally I have a good reason why my last post on Creative Kiwi was several weeks ago! 🙂

So after this short introduction I wanna tell you more in details about this new printable shopping list.

This Shopping list is created for everyone who can need it (yes also men!), but mostly for planner addicts like me. Perfect for people who want always have everything under control and forget nothing of what they must buy. Think about it, often a shopping list is a huge chaos, products written randomly without a real order. Nearly always it happens that once we are done and the cash is so near… oh shit, we have forgotten the apples for the cake at the beginning of our supermarket and bye-bye Apple pie for Sunday morning. I am the first one that have these problems every time I enter in a supermarket. I swear, this shopping list have save my life (ok, maybe my life not but my dinner at least!).


shopping list

Let’s describe better this shopping list!

As it turns out that our Kiwi website is followed by people from all around the world, I thought was a clever idea to create that shopping list in four different languages: English, Italian, German and French (this last one is coming soon). For other languages let a comment here below.
Probably you already noticed it that this shopping list is divide in categories, exactly for the reason described before, for don’t forget anything. The categories are divided as normally every supermarket is done. Under each category you should find everything, and when not, are some dots more for enter your favorite products!

But wait there’s more, I wanna give you some tips how to use it.


1. The category “Deals/Others” is created for write deals we often find in supermarket we are not used to go or good deals we don’t want to forget. This is also done for products we have no idea in which category write it down or that doesn’t have a specific one.

2. You can simply make a cross on the dots of the products you need or write in how much you need of it.

3. This shopping list is a DIN A4 format. In one sheet you will get three shopping lists that you will can easily cut and use for the next times. Once cut the list is definitely small, but a perfect size for be folded and put in our jacket or simply hold it in hand while shopping.

4. The backside of the shopping list is a normal white paper. You will can use that for write the weekly cooking menu and once you are finished with the shopping you can stick it on the fridge for have the plan always under control.

5. Another use of the white backside is to write down the cooking ideas we get at the supermarket while buying/seeing products. I almost find recipes to cook when I am shopping but once home I forget it. This have been a great way for me to don’t forget what I wanted to cook!

6. If you take care of the environment the best way to use this shopping list is to write on it with a simple pencil. You will can use it as much as you want, isn’t that easy?!?!

shopping list

For download this shopping list you need just to put a like here below.
Why that?
The simply reason is for support the work i have done and encourage me to create more of these printable. Just putting a like on my page I will know how much of you have download this file. It costs nothing, is just a like, but is a big thanks from your side for the job done! 🙂



Don’t forget to let me know with a comment what you think about this idea and how you find it!
I can’t wait to read your opinions and to write you contents for you!

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  • Reply Louise 23 February 2017 at 16:27

    Thank you, very helpful! I have a pocket TN but will slip it into a pocket. 🌺

  • Reply sarah 13 April 2017 at 10:16


    wollte mir gerade die datei speichern aber leider ist sie nicht mehr dort.

    kann ich sie vielleicht direkt von dir erhalten???

    liebe grüße

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