Sud Tirol, here you will fall in love!

Hi Kiwis,

I avoid it, i missed it to tell you my adventures but even more i couldn’t wait anymore to tell you about my trip to Süd Tirol.

As you probably already peeked the topic, we are talking again about mountains (what else?!). Where i bring you today is a special place for me, the place where i nearly was grown up. I visited it so many times per year when i was younger, my family loved it. Such places are soul warming for me when i return. For make a comparison is like drinking a warm Glühwein in the middle of a snowy forest.

Süd Tirol, is difficult (impossible i would say) to find words enough good for describe it. Here we are, in Italy, in the middle of Dolomites, in one of the parts of it i judge as the most wonderful. Here the time it seems never pass, even not 20 year later!

Süd Tirol, a land of traditions

süd tirol

Everything here looks magic! Castles surrounded by black pines, the smell of their leaves in the air, a blue pure sky without clouds… And as last the mighty mountains to decorate like a frame this stunning painting called “Val Gardena/Grödner Tal“. Here the time doesn’t seems just never pass, but the traditions are keep alive by all the citizens since centuries, thanks to their big love for this land.
Is not difficult to imagine that Süd Tirol live of tourism! Is effectively a lucky place for it because is wonderful in every season you visit it. The lifts and hotels are open all year long except one month per year, in November. In this month everything closes, even the bakery or the pub for the people that it lives.

süd tirolsüd tirol

The nature here in Süd Tirol seems to have the priority on everything. Everyone respects it and take care of it. The air here is still so pure that the flowers grow up everywhere and the bees are queens of their territory. I was stunned to see how even in a sad season like autumn, everything was still green and alive!
Impossible to visit that place and return home deceive of it!

süd tirol

This photo was shooted while going on the Seiser Alm (Alpe di Siusi in Italian), after some months that i didn’t return on a lift. I ride up to the sky for get a good long talk with the machinist that work in the region. I wanted to understand how to do for continue my studies on it and how all is managed in Italy. I can’t hide it, return up to the top of a mountain with a lift after so longtime i quitted Austria it was a big emotion. It helped me a lot to rearrange many thoughts in my mind walking under the rain in a near forest. After over one hour walking (down) i tried to reach a little chalet for eat a piece of Apfel Strüdel but it was close. The result? I had to return all the way long walking up… and I just reached again the top when the lift nearly closed!
In such moments you really realize that have fear make you run faster up than what you expected your body would be able to do! 😀

süd tirolsüd tirol

I find this shot incredibly romantic! It remembers me directly the song “Summertime sadness” of  Lana del Rey.

süd tirolsüd tirol

In this land grow up a large variety of different berries and natural products used in the everyday routine and regional recipes. An example is this wonderful specie of dog rose, and then blueberries (photo below), raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrant, redcurrant, gooseberries and many more… And the unforgettable tasty, sweet and crunchy apples of Val di Non (Nonstal for germans or Non valley), produced and exported everywhere in the world.

süd tirol

~ I am not sure that these “blueberries” in photo were really edibles. The blueberry plant i know in Süd Tirol have different leaves! So please if you find a plant similar to this one don’t eat it, i don’t wanna be responsible of your dead! 😀 ~

süd tirol

Something thypical of Süd Tirol is the rich breakfast salty and sweet offered in every B&B you go. They offer a big number of different marmalade, butter, cereals, müsli, fruits, eggs, sliced meat, cheese and so on…
Impossible to don’t talk also about the big variety of bread: black bread, white bread, with pumpkin seeds, with poppy seeds, raisin bread, onion bread, a real carbohydrate blaze!
Coming to the point, is not possible to go out of the kitchen saying “I’m still hungry!”. Even less possible to hope coming home with some kilos less.

Another great experience i had in Ortisei, it have been to eat and discover the gourmet eating at Tubladel. This restaurant was advised me from my brother that spend often some days in winter snowboarding and relaxing.
I unfortunately don’t have photos to show you because i didn’t feel enough “selfconfident” to shoot while eating in such a elegant/high rated restaurant. In fact this restaurant is reviewed and advised from Trip Advisor and Gambero Rosso. By the way, the food was really excellent, good styled. Was really interesting how strange ingredients mixing together became an unforgettable taste! The price for this taste experience was affordable, we paid around 60€ me and my mother together. I find it a humble price!

süd tirol

I swear it, I have try all my best for don’t write a post as long as the earth diameter, I spended so much time in these lands that is really hard to reduce all in few words and concepts. I tried to explain as short as possible what we did and what was the impressions of my last visit in this eyecatching land. This part of Italy have so much stories, so much traditions and tastes to tell that a thousand pages book wouldn’t be enough for tell it all!

I wanna close this post in one sentence made of few words.
Süd Tirol, here you will definitely fall in love!

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