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Tea Advent calender, a new way to countdown!

Hi Kiwis,

here I am again with a free printable to download and enjoy!

Like every year i use to buy in the month of december a tea advent calender. The pleasure to enjoy every evening a cup of tea in front while looking a film under a warm blanket is not to spell! Here in Germany during the advent time we have many kind of calenders, for kids and for adults. This is something thypical to do and that everyone like to follow day by day the holiday time. Continue Reading

Free printable Shopping List

Hi Kiwis,

in this post I wanna offer you again a free printable PDF file for who like to do shopping always organized.

I know I promised to post another printable concerning some dividers and stickers, but that took me more time than expected. By the way don’t worry, I am still working on it! 😀

Sadly, it was nearly one year I didn’t creative stuff and this is to see also from the website that “so much creative” actually it isn’t. After so many months I said me that it was come the time for stop my laziness and my tiredness due of my working times and create again something could make us happy. So I did and restarted to use Polymer Clay, to create digital art for bands (I promised to do it again!) and also some small printable files for my dear followers! And these are just few things I did but finally I have a good reason why my last post on Creative Kiwi was several weeks ago! 🙂
Continue Reading

Happy Planner review + free Printable Stickers

Hi Kiwis!

Normally I am not the kind of person that make reviews of this or that but in this case I must spend some words about. Thanks to this new planner I am a little bit more able to manage my life a different way and I try more to waste less my time in things that normally I shouldn’t do.

I must thank first of all Tobi if I have got this planner, because is its own gift for my birthday (yes a little bit early but he did it) and probably I must thank also my messy and crazy life or I wouldn’t need one! 😀 Continue Reading