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Barcelona, a four days trip in the heart of Catalunya

Hi Kiwis,

like i previously talked in the post of our autumn-break vacation  we did a one-week trip to Spain visiting the east coast. A tour of 460 km through the rough arid lands of south Europe, from maritime pines to palms and orange trees. It doesn’t seems a lot distance but on so less kilometers the landscape changed drastically.
The main reasons we choosed Spain was two. First of all we wanted to have a vacation in a warm place. Anyway but we didn’t want to have a touristic travel like mostly part do flying to Palma de Mallorca. Second of all, i am currently learning spanish so i wanted to practice the language.

Our tour started in Düsseldorf Weeze, we took a direct Ryanair flight (yes, because cheap is better!) to Girona Airport. We landed very late in the evening having a climate shock, a difference of around 16 degrees was unexpected! Exactly there in front was the bus station where to take our bus for Girona center. Continue Reading

Free printable Shopping List

Hi Kiwis,

in this post I wanna offer you again a free printable PDF file for who like to do shopping always organized.

I know I promised to post another printable concerning some dividers and stickers, but that took me more time than expected. By the way don’t worry, I am still working on it! 😀

Sadly, it was nearly one year I didn’t creative stuff and this is to see also from the website that “so much creative” actually it isn’t. After so many months I said me that it was come the time for stop my laziness and my tiredness due of my working times and create again something could make us happy. So I did and restarted to use Polymer Clay, to create digital art for bands (I promised to do it again!) and also some small printable files for my dear followers! And these are just few things I did but finally I have a good reason why my last post on Creative Kiwi was several weeks ago! 🙂
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Masala Chai Recipe
Wonderful shades of India

Everyone of us have a story to tell, everyone of us is a mix of different etnies and cultures, and that what’s make us so special and original. Personally i am italian 100% but my parents told to have Argentinian origins in my blood, and i found that pretty strange because in my soul i am more connected to the indian culture than the south american one. In my life i often wanted to make a travel through India, but due a low budget and cause i didn’t find a good travel mate, i always postpone it to anywhen in the future, but today i wanna bring this smells and tastes of India back to our kitchens and write you here below the Masala Chai recipe.

I swear that all you tea lovers, once you will taste this amazing drink you will never forget it anymore and will want to drink just that for a while!

The Masala Chai drink is the most famous drink in India, we can also call it “national drink” in this way, cause in it is contain all what you could expect to find in this marvellous big and cultural country. We have often the habitude to drink in Starbucks and other kind of coffee shops “chai latte” that in a sort of way is the globalized version of this thypical recipe, but once you taste the real homemade one you will be no more able to drink a Chai Latte anymore, this have absolutely nothing to do with the chemical ready made things you find in our shops. When Chai Latte is a smoothy soft delicate taste of milk with a little bit of spice taste, the Masala Chai is an explosion of flavours, you can really feel each spice used in it, feel the contrast of the fresh cardamom with the strong black pepper, is just unforgettable! <3

Have you never try it before? Do you wanna try it with me?? So let’s start!!!

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