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Tea Advent calender, a new way to countdown!

Hi Kiwis,

here I am again with a free printable to download and enjoy!

Like every year i use to buy in the month of december a tea advent calender. The pleasure to enjoy every evening a cup of tea in front while looking a film under a warm blanket is not to spell! Here in Germany during the advent time we have many kind of calenders, for kids and for adults. This is something thypical to do and that everyone like to follow day by day the holiday time. Continue Reading

Unplanned trip to Amsterdam, discovering the Netherlands

Hi Kiwis,

some months ago i wrote a post about an unplanned trip to Rotterdam. As you know we live just a couple minutes from the Netherlands so we can sometimes take a short trip. One reason more for go to the Netherlands is that on Sunday nearly everything in Germany closes. So when here is bad weather good alternatives we can find it just over the border.

This time on a lazy Sunday we wanted to enjoy the last weekends of sun before Autumn come. The idea at the beginning was to go to the North Sea. In facts the plan was to drive in direction Amsterdam and reach so Bloemendal aan Zee (known as one of the best beaches in the Netherlands). Just ten minutes before Amsterdam my boyfriend choose to hold on and visit it. Ok, is really sad that we haven’t see the North Sea also this year!


As this was an unplanned trip, we was in Amsterdam just a couple hours (from 1 till 3 pm around… so really less!). I effectively can’t tell much about the city, we hadn’t the chance to visit museums and to discover many historical parts of it. Amsterdam is a big city and from the center many things we wanted to visit was more than 2 km far away. It would have been impossible for us in so short time to do all what we wished for.

Netherland is an expensive land, but when we talk about car parking it becomes really expensive!
So here an advise for who wish to visit Amsterdam and come with it’s own car.
Amsterdam offer the chance to get parking places just for 1€.
How to get it?
You can park your car in one of the many P+R Parkings in Amsterdam and buy a ticket for go to the center. The price is really cheap (5€ for 2 people).
Remember to always check-in and check-out everytime you use a public transport with that card.
When you wish to drive away you will need to insert the parking ticket, if you will scan the public transport ticket from 50€ the price will automatically turn into 1€.
A great way how to save money right? 🙂


Was just amazing walk for a couple hours through the canals of Amsterdam. It was nice to walk hand in hand and take time for ourselves. A short escape from home, a short escape from the daily routine that make us become always more lazy and tired. All that on the streets of Amsterdam! Unbelievable how just a couple hours far away from home exist a different world. A totally different world of people that live their lifes in another style than us and with another culture.


If i can give my sincerely opinion, in two hours you haven’t enough time for get maybe a 100% right idea of the place you are visiting. Anyway two hours are enough for express an opinion more or less coherent.
Amsterdam is an amazing city, it gives you much energy.
In two hours Amsterdam shows you the good side and the bad side immediately.

Positive and negative of Amsterdam.

– We are not smoker, so is clear, see all such people smoked and tripped was not the best. This is something you have to face on when you go in this city. For smokers it is known to be all over Europe the capital top 1.

– If you are a fan of this Kiwi blog you know how much i liked my life in Austria, how much i like sometimes my solitude. Yeah… i find Amsterdam much too much full of people. When i saw all this people walk in every direction, i seriously thought that the world is gone too much far with the human race. My thought was become even more stronger when i saw died and dashed into pieces animals on the street. What’s shoking was the people that walked next to it without even notice it or thinking about how sad that can be.

– I never thought Amsterdam could be a dirty city, until when i saw it. I was in many capitals and all was till now clean and you could see someone taked care about it. Of Amsterdam i can’t say the same, it was really deceiving on that point.

– Is a city full of young people, full of people that have desire to live and desire to discover the world. You hear people talk every language, that was really great. People here feels like citizen of the world in this melting pot of people.

– You don’t need much orientation in this city. We didn’t find an Info point where buy a map. We got it good to travel through the center also without it.

My impression apart this short points is positive, it was many nice things. On our walk we also met Steven, our seagull friend on the border of a canal. He was trying to steal a piece of bread from a tourist that sitted next to him.


Meanwhile we was in Amsterdam i haven’t forget me, i looked for tea shops! So after have done a short research on google maps, i founded it out. The shop of my dreams (that in facts there’s also in Enschede, at half an hour from my home and i even didn’t know it!!!). I am talking about Dille & Kamille, a huge shop for cooking/tea lover in Amsterdam. This is a shop where once entered i said to my boyfriend “This is my wallet, hold it hard and don’t give it to me until i go out!” 😀
Ah yes, you want to know if i bought something? Nope, this time i was enough good to keep my shopping desire under control. Actually I must buy me a car so I must try to don’t buy every sort of tea i see. I am doing it good -till now-.

So my dear Kiwis, i hope this short post about Amsterdam have give you some tipps for plan your next travel in one of the most loved capitals of Europe.
On these sweet words i wish you a nice end of September and i profite to say goodbye to my first wonderful 25 years.



It’s Tea time! – Review, collection & stories –

Hi Kiwis!

I am working since months on this Tea collection post and sincerely i am not able to hide my happiness for have finish to write it!
Normally compare to the other posts i always write this should be a more easy and light one, but it took me extremely a lot of time due of  the moving and because i wanted to give the priority to some travel posts.
As i already mentioned it in the “Welcome to my new world + home haul” post, the kitchen package i self shipped me from Italy to Germany was arrive totally destroy and as you can imagine inside it was many of my precious tea jars.
This sad happening made obviously my tea collection grow drastically down, so much down that of that leaves tea jars i have just two sorts left. :'(

So now after this short sad introduction and after a lot cups of tea ago i can start to show you my little not so hidden treasure. Continue Reading