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Valencia, an ochre southern town of dreams

Welcome back Kiwis,

here it is finally the last post about our trip in Spain. I know we were gone in October 2017 and now it’s January 2018, I needed a while for write it! It’s always difficult to resume everything and make you a post to read in ten minutes. Therefore I am not even able to do that in real life! Well, I can start saying that of all these towns we visited the one I prefered the most was Valencia. Valencia is my favorite town because you could really feel the south Spain. We travelled from North to South Spain by train, while travelling down you could realize how the landscape changes. My eyes lighted up when on the way to Valencia the earth turned from brown colors to red. Who knows me, knows also that I love to travel by train, this was really one of the best travel ever I did by train. I was just in love of this landscape, when you turned left you could see the sea at one step of your nose and when you turned on the right side you could see until the horizon Orange trees on the red earth. Just an unforgettable picture that can’t fade away from my mind! Continue Reading

An autumn-break travel to Spain, tips and tricks

Hi Kiwis,

just today we are come back from our first real vacation since i live in Germany. It have been a hard step to reach but at the end we have got it and we have enjoy it as much as possible. Finally a new country visited, a new land to scratch on our world map, new culture, language and food discovered. A new puzzle piece that is now part of our life experience and memories.

I have a premise to do. This travel lasts just one week but we lived it so intensively, we have done so much things that i can’t find a solution for describe all that in one single post! If you are a Kiwi reader you know i write a lot, i have always love it, this time i took over 1000 photos just with the camera, it wouldn’t be possible!

So let’s hurry up and start with it! 🙂

Our travel was principally divide in three steps: Girona, Barcelona and Valencia. Three towns on the east coast that distinguish themself quite a lot. Traveling from north to south you could step by step aperceive the differences and the cultural changes. Continue Reading

Travel with Me:
On the Road to Osnabrück, Germany

Hi Kiwis! Here my first post on the new website/blog, a good motivation for start writing a little bit of a significative thing i have done in my third travel to Germany and tell you about something unusual and that can be pretty interesting to you.

Let me introduce to you as first where is Osnabrück; this is a wonderful old and small city in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) in the North West of Germany, the houses and buildings are thypical of the north german architectonical style with standard pastel/flat colors, but also if is a small town, is just third on the top list of the biggest cities in Niedersachsen.

Here a map for localize where exactly this town is located:
travel Map_01

So after this little intro i want to tell you my travel to Germany!

When i had chosen to make this travel for the first time i still lived in Austria and i had never take a plane in my life, thing that sound pretty strange for people that use it everyday for work or for simple pleasure to travel, but unfortunately join Austria or start from Austria to anywhere else in in the world with plane is pretty expensive, isn’t at all a country open to such kind of transport ways and i can also suppose due of the austrian mentality that Ryanair and other cheap european flight companies haven’t that much money interest to create flight that link austrians towns to others.
The only way i could join Osnabrück so was my dear old best friend: the train!!!

Many people that have never been in Germany and travel through this country can’t understand at all on the map how long can be a travel by train through the whole Austria and Germany… i cannot say that it wasn’t an adventure, was really a pretty engaging travel that requested a lot of patience and stress improvement.

But let’s follow with me this crazy nice tour!

Continue Reading