An autumn-break travel to Spain, tips and tricks

Hi Kiwis,

just today we are come back from our first real vacation since i live in Germany. It have been a hard step to reach but at the end we have got it and we have enjoy it as much as possible. Finally a new country visited, a new land to scratch on our world map, new culture, language and food discovered. A new puzzle piece that is now part of our life experience and memories.

I have a premise to do. This travel lasts just one week but we lived it so intensively, we have done so much things that i can’t find a solution for describe all that in one single post! If you are a Kiwi reader you know i write a lot, i have always love it, this time i took over 1000 photos just with the camera, it wouldn’t be possible!

So let’s hurry up and start with it! 🙂

Our travel was principally divide in three steps: Girona, Barcelona and Valencia. Three towns on the east coast that distinguish themself quite a lot. Traveling from north to south you could step by step aperceive the differences and the cultural changes.


Due of the fact that i have all my family in Italy is difficult find the time to do a vacation how we really wish and save money for that. This time was even more difficult because we both needed a new car. We had really to take care about our money and is clear, our budget was limited!

So how we have done?
Easy, we booked much months before! In August I already booked every hotel for try to find the best offers. Crazy for a low season but at that time many hotels was already complete, not even one room was free!

I wanna give you so a tip for save money and time:
If you don’t have a credit card don’t give up your vacation idea, “booking” is not the only solution. I booked all the rooms for this travel on the hotel website and saving as this much more money!
And what if the prices are still not ok for you?
There is always the possibility to find any room on Groupon and other coupon websites. The best offers you can find it directly searching on a coupon website of the country you are visiting!


Personally, i didn’t book  any train ticket or transport before because we wanted to be flexible with the times. But if you order your train tickets some weeks before on the Renfe website, you will save much money.
Example: Our train from Barcellona to Valencia online costed 28€. Buying it 10 min before take the train we paid it 42€!


Basically our travel week was divided in Saturday – Sunday Girona, from Sunday evening to Thursday morning Barcelona and finally from Thursday to Saturday morning Valencia. The time for visit these awesome towns it was really less, therefore for Barcelona that offer so much. As first time in Spain we wanted to visit as much as possible. So we choosed to cut out all the attractions where there is minimum 20 minutes of waiting queue. Doing that automatically we have drastically cut the costs of our vacation. At the end this was our wish, we didn’t wanted to have a touristic tour of Spain. Our wish was to have a travel discovering things by our own.

This doesn’t mean we are fly to Spain without having any idea of what to visit, do, and where to eat, we had a small raw plan of things we really wanted to see and try, but once there we have let us tempt from the instinct and… trip advisor! 😀
This choice to don’t plan that much at the end it have been for 90% of the time a great one, if we planned all before we had skip something amazingly great!


Travel impressions

From this travel week we have got enough time for make us an idea about these three towns, i don’t wanna generalize saying “of Spain” because every city is different from each other. We loved a lot the kindness of the spanish people, once arrived i felted like home for the warm weather, always sunny, the spanish talking loud and expansive, the thypical mediterranean food i am used to. I loved particularly the warm days and fresh evenings like we have it in Italy in the mid-seasons.  Something we found really great was the good public transport connections in every town.
What we didn’t like so much is that some towns, especially Barcelona was too much noisy and full of people. Is to understand, Barcelona is one of the most turistic cities in Spain, but in some points like La Rambla, it was really not to stand! Another thing we didn’t like was concerning the water, in every hotel we was the water of the sink was not drinkable, just full of chlorine. Normally this shouldn’t be a problem, but in Spain, therefore in Barcelona the water costs is extremely high.

Aside these few negative points, all the rest it was just even better than our expectations!


Do’s and don’ts in Spain

Here following a list of do’s and don’ts we want advise you for your next trip in Spain:

• If you are someone that like adventure, don’t plan every detail before, let you time for unexpected things to discover by your own and make your own experiences.

• If you are a photography lover, take with you the battery charger of your camera, in one week you will need it! (I let mine home and i just got it in time with the last minutes battery!!!)

• Don’t buy water in places where are many people (bar & stands), buy it on the little shop called also “Supermercados”, there is much cheaper, or in some hotel/hostel you will find it there too for a cheap price!

• Before enter in a restaurant consult always Trip Advisor, not every high rated restaurant of Pinterest is really so great as they said! (More details will follow in the Valencia post)

• Don’t buy a Barcelona Card if you stay just some days and you want to see everything what is on your list.

• Make sure that the food you get is fresh, you will avoid illnesses and your vacation time will thank you a lot.

• Take with you a pair of comfortable shoes, you can’t even imagine how much kilometers you will walk.



Spain is a land that have to give a lot, is a rich land of stories, of wonderful people. Spain have everything you wish for, sea, mountains, hills and lakes, while travelling it you will see high design town sides and raw wild lands with an infinity of mandarine trees until your eyes can see the horizon. If you are searching emotions, this is a travel that could be perfect for you, because like every travel, when you come home you are someone else!


P.s. By the way, during our last day in Valencia we visited a shopping mall and i saw it, the Mr. Wonderful Agenda, i couldn’t let it on the shelf! So now you know who will be my new travel, life and adventure mate in the year 2018!

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